If you’ve only ever eaten sugary store-bought cake, you are missing out on the true joy that a fresh, made-by-hand cake can bring to your celebration.

That's why I created Full Belly Bakery. I want to help you share your love through delicious and beautiful cakes. I want each of my customers to feel delighted by our cakes and our exceptional service.

My passion for baking started by making birthday cakes for my friends when I was in college. Baking was the best way I knew to show how much I loved them! After starting Full Belly Bakery in 2017, I set out to perfect my cake recipes

Truthfully, I was not a huge cake fan. I originally shied away from baking cakes at the bakery, because I didn’t want to make something I wasn’t truly in love with. Yet, I couldn’t deny that some celebrations just called for an amazing cake.

I started making cakes with fresh ingredients and flavors I love, like lemon and berries. I experimented with different kinds of buttercream and found my true love in the not-too-sweet Italian meringue buttercream. I added decadent fillings like chocolate ganache and caramel. I’ve worked tirelessly to perfect our Signature Cake recipes. You should expect nothing less than an extraordinary cake for your celebration.

I’m always looking to improve our offerings. I recently added a super indulgent chocolate cake to our menu at the suggestion of some chocoholic customers! I’m also excited to introduce new flavors and desserts I’ve been testing after completing my diploma in professional pastry arts from Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. 

Cake doesn’t have to be something you put up with a couple times a year at birthday parties and weddings. Cake should be delicious, beautiful and a joyful way to celebrate the ones you love. We’re confident you’ll find our cakes bursting with flavor and the perfect centerpiece for your next celebration.